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On 22nd October 2018 Professor Tamara Hervey from the School of Law at the University of Sheffield appeared before the Health and Social Care Select Committee of the House of Commons regarding the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) and the impact that a no-deal Brexit would have on the UK’s Health Sector. This Committee is tasked with checking and reporting on the work of government departments and as a result these enquiries are public and many require a response from the government. Professor Hervey’s evidence focused on the effects on people likely to be affected by revoking reciprocal health care post-Brexit as well as the risks of no-deal for its citizens, patients, National Health Service and Government. There still remain a lot of unanswered questions relating to Brexit and the impact that this will have on our NHS and as the deadline of 29th March 2019 to exit the EU is approaching, at present it is uncertain as to whether a deal will be struck before the UK’s eventual departure from the EU. The full enquiry before...Read more




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Refugee healthcare in Canada


The Canadian Centre for Refugee & Immigrant Health Care published a series of patient stories in the Spring of 2017...

February 20, 2018. 11:40 AM

Walkability economics II

April 09, 2018. 12:32 PM

Walkability economics

Tristan Cleveland

Despite the internet, most economic activity still takes place in person. In 2015, United States residents physically transported themselves to a cash...

April 09, 2018. 2:28 PM

Clinical guidelines


Clinical Practice Guidelines are not meeting guideline development standards, involve conflicts of interest, and are not always rooted in evidence, reports Cosgrove, Shaughnessy and...

April 26, 2018. 12:36 PM

Morning sickness


A drug commonly prescribed to women to treat morning sickness has recently been demonstrated to not be effective.  Although this finding, impacting health providers and pregnant women...

May 11, 2018. 12:42 PM