Clinical Trial Data Transparency

Improving Clinical Trial Data Transparency:
Comparative Perspectives on Context, Challenges and Opportunities


A Summer School at Carleton University about clinical trial data transparency. Clinical trial data transparency refers to the extent to which clinical trial data is made publicly available, and the extent to which trial results are accurately reported so as to inform researchers and patients of the potential risks and benefits of pharmaceutical products. The Summer School will bring together academic experts, policymakers, public servants and healthcare professionals to discuss about the evolution of clinical trial data transparency, current challenges and opportunities, as well as tools and information to better access and navigate such data.

Clinical trial data transparency is of significant importance in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Various issues in the realm of clinical trial data transparency pose challenges for stakeholders including patients, physicians, researchers, policymakers, regulatory agencies, and academics. These issues include the sheer bulk of regulatory data, reporting biases that influence the selection and omission of certain information in academic journals, and the distortion of trial results. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations centred on the importance of evidence-based medicine and decision making, the legal and ethical frameworks that inform current pharmaceutical regulations, as well as the broader political and social landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. The Summer School intends to shed light on the role of clinical trial data transparency in ensuring patient safety, shaping physician prescribing practices, and enabling patient and physician autonomy. 

The Summer School seeks an interdisciplinary audience of academic experts, students, policymakers, journalists, public servants and professionals in the healthcare field (i.e. physicians, health regulators, administrators, etc.) to participate and share their perspectives on clinical trial data transparency. Application forms must be filled out and submitted in order to participate. 

June 15th – June 19th, 2020

Carleton University; 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


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