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Policy-in-Brief Series
By Noel Guscott
In June 2020, the European Council on Foreign Relations released a Policy Brief about how European citizens political worldviews may be shifting. They frame this policy brief around results of a survey that challenge three essential assumptions: that the crisis has created a new consensus of an increased public role of the state in Europe; that the pandemic has contributed to an increase in support for ‘experts’, such as epidemiologists and other technocrats, and that the crisis has contributed to an increase in polarized support for both nationalist Euroscepticism and pro-European federalism. Instead, this brief argues that the crisis has ‘revolutionised’ citizens’ perceptions of global order, writing that while the pandemic has created opportunities for increased collective action, European citizens instead support a recovery of as a ‘Milward moment’ of strong nation-state identities searching for protection in a dangerous world. European governments need to dispel these illusions or risk falling out of public favour as they begin planning pandemic recovery in the near future.
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The Role of Health Care in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election

By: Charlotte Bourke


September 20, 2021. 6:49 AM

Publication Series: Health Care and the Fate of Social Europe

The Health Law and Policy Network has published an open-access special issue of papers entitled Health Care...

February 18, 2021. 4:19 PM

Risks, Reasons and Rights


By Saomai Vu Khan

One of the most complex and controversial debates of our time surrounds the right to abortion. Throughout the 20th century, activists such as...

November 18, 2020. 7:10 PM

What did we learn from Tamiflu?

By: Charlotte Bourke

Global stockpiling and overspending on the drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir...

September 16, 2020. 9:42 AM

Europe’s Pandemic Politics: How the Virus has Changed the Public’s Worldview

By Noel Guscott
In June 2020, the European Council on Foreign...
August 21, 2020. 10:04 AM

Vaccine Nationalism in the COVID-19 Age

By Noel Guscott

Since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine nationalism has...

August 14, 2020. 9:22 AM

New EU Health Programme

By Noel Guscott

The European Commission, with the cautious support of...

July 31, 2020. 10:32 PM