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Abortion in Iceland: Is Iceland going to amend its laws on abortion? Serena Fernandes
Access to Assisted Reproduction Anonymous
Access to healthcare for transgender people Anonymous
Artificial intelligence innovation and breast cancer detection Sana Shah
Austerity, Universal Healthcare and Undocumented Immigrants in Spain: How to strike the right balance between guaranteeing the financial sustainability of public healthcare and the requirement to provide healthcare to all persons? Serena Fernandes
Babayagas Marina Kwak
Being active Brent
Big Urban Data Tristan
Canada’s New Food Guide Madeleine
Canada’s New Food Guide Marina Kwak
Cannabis in Canada Pt 1 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 10 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 2 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 3 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 4 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 5 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 6 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 7 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 8 Tristan
Cannabis in Canada Pt 9 Tristan
Clinical guidelines Brent
Clinical trials Marina Kwak
Common Cause Tristan
Commuting for health Brent
Complex Systems Tristan
Conditional care Katherine
Diabetes Roundtable Marina Kwak
Dialogue on Health Tristan
Digitalization of Healthcare Anonymous
Digitizing of the NHS Sana Shah
Does Spain have the most efficient healthcare service in Europe? Sana Shah
Does Transgender Sterilisation Law violate the Right to Health (Article 11 of the European Social Charter) in the Czech Republic? Serena Fernandes
Dr Bawa-Garba - Medical liability in team-based, underesourced health care settings: Sana Shah
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Gaba - Medical liability in team-based, underesourced health care settings: Sana Shah
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba - Medical liability in team-based, under-resourced health care settings: Serena Fernandes
Drug Authorization Tristan
Drug safety Brent
Drug Shortages Tristan
Eating organic food – what are the health benefits? Madeleine
Europe’s Pandemic Politics: How the Virus has Changed the Public’s Worldview Anonymous
Front Porches Tristan
Gamification for Health Tristan
Global Syndemic? Tristan
Health by Default Katherine
Health Equity Marina Kwak
Health responsibility Brent
Hope in Healthcare Marina Kwak
HPV study bias Marina Kwak
Indigenous health data Katherine
Informed consent Marina Kwak
Keto Diet Tristan
Khan v MNX: How can you measure the scope of a doctor’s liability in cases of wrongful birth? Serena Fernandes
Life Expectancy is rising in Finland, unlike the UK. What is going right? Serena Fernandes
Morning sickness Brent
Move it! Katherine
New digital platform launched for NHS workers in England Madeleine
New EU Health Programme Anonymous
NHS long-term plan: Focus on prevention 'could save 500,000 lives' Serena Fernandes
Potential Limits of the European Union’s new Pharmaceutical Strategy Anonymous
Prescription for Reform Marina Kwak
Professor Tamara Hervey - Forty years in, forty years out Madeleine
Professor Tamara Hervey's Appearance before a Select Committee in the House of Commons: The Impact of a No-Deal Brexit on Health in the United Kingdom Serena Fernandes
Public health Brent
Publication Series: Health Care and the Fate of Social Europe Anonymous
Redactions Marina Kwak
Refugee healthcare in Canada Brent
Research implementation Brent
Risks, Reasons and Rights Anonymous
Safe biking Brent
Scientific misconduct Tristan
The case of Noel Conway and the United Kingdom's Supreme Court’s recent decision to reject his right to die Serena Fernandes
The Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom – what does it mean for healthcare? Madeleine
The Role of Health Care in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election Anonymous
Vaccine Nationalism in the COVID-19 Age Anonymous
Vulnerable Subjects Marina Kwak
Walkability economics Brent
Walkability economics II Brent
Wealth & health Brent
What did we learn from Tamiflu? Anonymous