Marina Kwak
Dynamic senior housing

The Babayagas’ house is a feminist alternative to elderly people’s homes in Paris. It is a self-managed social house ran by a community of dynamic female senior citizens who strive to keep their independence but live communally. They believe growing old is not an illness and that it is important to age well than to live long. They also acknowledge the importance of changing the way people see old age. To age well, they keep grey matter going by having the ground floor of the building reserved for activities and planning to house a university for senior citizens. The building houses 25 self-contained flats with 21 being adapted for elderly and four for students. The building is close to metro, shops and cinema, allowing and encouraging an active lifestyle, which is essential to age well. The project costs nearly 4 million euros and funding came at least from eight different public sources including Montreuil city council which often invests in an innovative project. Two other similar projects are underway in Palaiseau and Bagneux, France, which are important as French will have to find solutions for the care of their growing elderly population and assisting senior citizens to help each other akin to Babayagas.

For full article, see Alison Hird, The Babayagas’ house, a feminist alternative to old people’s homes, opens in Paris. The World and All its Voices. Retrieved from

- Marina Kwak