Digitizing of the NHS

Sana Shah

Research in brief https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhsx-new-joint-organisation-for-digital-data-and-technology and https://digital.nhs.uk/about-nhs-digital/corporate-information-and-docum... 


The NHS, under its NHS Digital body, had established in April 2013 its strategy to use technology to deliver better health care services to patients by 2020. To facilitate this, current Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the NHSX unit, a platform for talent within the government, the NHS and the medical industry, to collaborate to improve digital transformation. Essentially, the NHSX will set the national direction on technology.  The aim is that, whilst the NHS has been traditionally slow with improving its IT systems[http://www.nationalhealthexecutive.com/Robot-News/nshx-hancock-unveils-n...], collaboration by experts in the field of healthcare and technology will ensure the NHS long-term technology plan is propelled at a faster pace.