Professor Tamara Hervey - Forty years in, forty years out

Knowledge Transfer

Writing for European Futures, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law at the University of Sheffield, Tamara Hervey asserts that “no form of Brexit is good for health”, but a no-Deal Brexit is significantly worse for healthcare.  If the government opt for a soft Brexit, there is scope for improvement to healthcare. However, there are equally risks to a low regulation economy, which could include reducing the time it takes to train doctors.  

However, whatever form Brexit may take, the UK will encounter negative implications for health. Firstly, the UK’s reduced influence removes its influence over health law and regulation. Secondly, a lack of domestic scrutiny may enable powerful interests to escape accountability. Lastly, the UK’s economic performance post-Brexit is likely to have major implications for health inequality. 

It is unknown how Brexit will affect the UK’s national healthcare service. Despite becoming less central, the law still matters. Without it there is uncertainty and disorder. The full article can be viewed here