Health Law and Policy Resources


It can be difficult and laborious to find individuals working in very specific policy areas; finding them can be onerous and time-consuming, and basic online searches are no guarantee of integrity. To faciliate this process we have compiled a catalogue of health law researchers based in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Our public catalogue of researchers and their expertise on specific health policy topics, decision-makers and the media will help you locate individuals with knowledge about specific topics in a speedy and systematic manner. Academics who are looking to make connections across states, or across slightly difference cognate areas of research, will also find this a valuable resource. 

Canadian Researchers

European Researchers 

UK Researchers

US Researchers


To aid instructors in developing coursework, our pedagogical materials include  a set of open-access class syllabi for the teaching of health policy and health law that will suitable for undergraduate and graduate classes in public policy, public administration, political science, and law.

Pharmaceutical Policy - (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Global Health - (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Health Policy and Law - (Undergraduate/Graduate)