Talks that have been given and recorded - videos

Public Policy Challenges in Rethinking Public Health: Comparative Perspectives

This workshop is the first phase in the development of a book manuscript that has already been negotiated with World Scientific Press as part of their Global Health Economies and Public Policy series. In the spirit of the JM Network on Health Law and Policy, this project is an interdisciplinary undertaking involving public health specialists in the fields of health services research, medicine, law, the social sciences, and government.

Brexit and Health Law & Policy

In this talk Professor Tamara Hervey explains why Brexit, no matter what form, is bad for health. 

She untangles the legal and policy ramifications of leaving the European Union (EU) with or without a deal and what it means for the National Health Service. The consequences of a No Deal on patient safety are growing as hard borders in Dover will disrupt just-in-time supply chains that deliver potentially lifesaving medications.